Value Assessment Workshop

An internal workshop to help you define business drivers and value Workplace will bring to your organization.

The Value Assessment Workshop is an internal workshop you run with your Workplace project team to define the business drivers and value Workplace will bring to your organization. This guide will give you a quick overview of how to run a Value Assessment Workshop and what results to expect. For more information on the workshop, check out this resource.
What you'll get out of this workshop
What you'll get out of this workshop
  • A collection of business drivers to guide your business case for launching Workplace and getting executive buy-in to invest in Workplace
  • Desired outcomes and impact of each business driver to measure the value of Workplace to your organization over time. We recommend you review these business drivers and outcomes every quarter to maximize Workplace value.
  • Workflows you can use Workplace for to achieve your desired outcomes. These workflows should be a part of your launch plan as you build your Group Structure and Communication Plan for launching Workplace.
Tactical how to
Tactical how to
  1. Allocate at least an hour for the full Workplace project team to meet and identify your Workplace business drivers.
  2. Conduct the Value Assessment Workshop. The Value Assessment Workshop is designed to be simple, so we have provided a template which is pre-loaded with examples of outcomes, suggested workflows and impact measures to get you started. You have 6 examples of outcomes loaded with the corresponding Workflows and recommended success measures. Use these to guide the workshop discussions and spark business driver ideas for you and your team.
  3. An important step in this workshop is to capture and benchmark data of your current workflows you plan to improve by using Workplace. This benchmark data for your workflows pre-Workplace should be revisited each quarter to assess the impact Workplace has had on your business. This is the part most people miss but it's the most important when validating how Workplace is bringing value to your organization.
  4. Get sign-off from your executive team on the business drivers you have identified in the workshop. A great way to get executive sign-off is to include the executives in your Value Assessment Workshop so their ideas are taken into account during and not after the workshop. These business drivers are not only the core of your business case to launch Workplace, but they will also guide what you measure when you assess the value Workplace has brought to your organization.
  5. Use these business drivers throughout your launch process to guide your group structure and communication plan. They're also a great tool to hold people accountable to over time.
  6. Revisit your business drivers and asses their impact 3 months after your launch of Workplace. You may find some business drivers are no longer applicable or news ones need to be added. Update and iterate on your business drivers each time to assess their impact.
  7. Measure the impact on your business drivers each quarter. Be sure you share the impact metrics with your executive team to highlight the value Workplace is bringing to your organization.
Need help?
Need help?
We encourage you to work with our network of Partners who are very experienced in carrying out Value Assessment Workshops, conducting post implementation Value Assessments and offering launch advice specific to what you want to achieve for your organization.