Account Lifecycle

Understand the process of inviting members of your organization to claim their accounts.


Once a Workplace account has been provisioned for a member of your community, you'll need to invite them to claim their account so they can start using Workplace. This guide describes the process of inviting people to claim their accounts.


  • Provision: To create a user account within your Workplace Instance.
    Read more in the Account Management section.
  • Invite: To allow a provisioned user to claim their account.
    Read more in the About the Invite process section.
  • Claim: A process in which an invited user activates their Workplace account.
    Read more in the About the Claim process section.

Inviting Versus Provisioning

By having a separate status for invited and uninvited members, we allow Workplace administrators to provision members in advance and invite them when ready. Workplace administrators can set up a community by creating groups and adding members to them. Administrators can then invite people to join. That way, users are already members of their relevant groups when they're invited in to their Workplace instance.