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Workplace is making it easier to connect frontline employees to the rest of the business with the Workplace Frontline Add-on.

Frontline employees are the face of your organization, providing support and services to customers, building and assembling products, and ensuring the productivity and success of your business. While technological innovation has been connecting and empowering desk workers, communication and collaboration tools have remained largely inaccessible to frontline employees. Today, only 14% of deskless workers feel connected to their company. Workplace is changing all of that with the Frontline Add-On.

What is the Frontline Add-On

What is the Frontline Add-On?

We’re making it easier than ever before to connect deskless workers to the rest of the business. Admins can use new settings to give frontline workers access to Workplace, regardless of whether they are hourly, contingent, or temporary.

The Frontline Add-on gives organizations the tools to:

  • Provide a familiar, mobile-first tool that employees know and love.
  • Enable login with access codes for those who don’t have a work email address.
  • Easily manage your frontline staff’s access to Workplace with Frontline Membership.
  • Set custom terms according to your company policies to help frontline workers manage their access outside working hours.
  • Enable web access if you need to provide Workplace via desktop.
How the Frontline Add-On Works

How the Frontline Add-On Works:

The Frontline Add-on is available for both Workplace Advanced and Workplace Enterprise.

  • Frontline employees can access Workplace on web and mobile.
  • All of the same Workplace features, plus:
    • Frontline People Set to manage frontline employees.
    • Ability to add employees in the frontline set to tailored default groups.
    • Ability to set custom terms of use for frontline workers displayed at a desired frequency.
    • Ability to download Security and People logs to track frontline employees' use of Workplace.
    • Option to disable frontline employees' ability to create groups.
      • Please note that disabling group creation can have an impact on overall Workplace engagement. We recommend that this feature is used after careful consideration only.
How to Enable it in Your Organization

How to Enable it in Your Organization

For Workplace Advanced Customers:

Provision your frontline employees in the People page. For people who don’t have a company email address, you can create Access Codes employees can use to claim their accounts.

Once you've created accounts for your frontline employees, go to the Frontline section of the Admin Panel.

In the Settings tab, you can write custom terms of use for your frontline workers and set the recurring frequency in which they appear. You can also disable frontline employees’ ability to create groups.


In the Membership page, you can add people to the Frontline People Set manually or in bulk. You can also choose specific default groups for frontline employees. Employees who aren’t added to the Frontline People Set won’t be shown the frontline terms of use and won’t have restricted access to Workplace.

For Workplace Enterprise Customers:

Enterprise admins need to contact their sales representative to enable the frontline plan. Once frontline is enabled, add and manage frontline workers from the Admin Panel as described in the “Advanced” section above.

Notice for existing customers who joined Workplace before September 2, 2019 (starting date for new Workplace Plans and Pricing): The Workplace Frontline add-on can only be used once a Workplace community transitions to the new pricing model on 1st October 2020, or upgrades to Workplace Enterprise. If you would like to move to the new pricing model earlier, or upgrade to Workplace Enterprise, please contact the Workplace team.

Workplace Frontline Add-On

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