Tools and tips for effective remote work

With working from home increasingly top of mind for businesses, download these guides to learn how to keep your people connected and informed - wherever they are.

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Making remote work simple

In a difficult situation the last thing you want to do is spend time training people on new tools. But many businesses aren’t equipped for remote work. That’s why we’ve created two new guides to show you how easy it can be to connect remote workers, share important information and keep key projects on track.

Six Simple Steps to Get Started with Remote Work

Getting started with remote work can be both costly and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Download this guide to discover how you can get everything you need for remote working in a single place, including:

  • Easy video conferencing
  • Familiar instant messaging
  • Live video broadcasts

Four Ways to Deepen Engagement with Remote Workers

Already using Workplace to connect remote teams? Download this guide to get tips and tricks to keep people informed and engaged, while making sure that sentiment and morale stays high. Learn how to:

  • Hold virtual team meetings
  • Find out how people are feeling
  • Guarantee everyone sees your updates
  • Use simple video chat tools