What can I search for on Workplace?

Kjo përmbajtje e ndihmës nuk është në dispozicion në gjuhën tuaj. Ju lutemi zgjidhni një prej gjuhëve tona të mbështetura:
You can search for the following on Workplace:
  • Coworkers, posts, groups, comments and events from the search bar at the top of every page on Workplace
  • Posts and topics in a group
  • Comments on posts
  • Workplace Docs (native to Workplace)
  • Files (by using keywords on file titles), globally or in groups
Anything you post using your Workplace account can only be seen or searched for by your coworkers. Groups and events can be searched for depending on their privacy settings.
Note: Content is only searchable when it is in native Workplace Notes or Docs. Files, including filenames, that are uploaded or linked via an integration are not searchable. Learn how to search for people by skill on Workplace.
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