How do I find my company's domain registrar?

Kjo përmbajtje e ndihmës nuk është në dispozicion në gjuhën tuaj. Ju lutemi zgjidhni një prej gjuhëve tona të mbështetura:
To find your company's domain registrar, follow these steps from your computer:
  1. Insert your domain into one of these free WHOIS lookup services:
  2. Once you find your domain, you'll need to locate the domain's Registrar. To do this, click CTRL + F on a Windows computer or Command + F on an Apple computer. Search for the word “Registrar" inside the WHOIS.
  3. The brand of the domain should appear close to the word Registrar, unless it's been marked as private. For the purposes of this Help Center article, let's assume that you've located the Registrar, and it's called Network Solutions.
  4. Now you've located the Registrar, you'll need to find its guide to modify the TXT record. We suggest you locate the guide by searching “Network Solutions txt record” on Google.
Keep in mind that the guide will not be affiliated with Workplace in any way. If you aren't sure about the guide, we suggest you contact the Registrar Help Center or Helpline.
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